Mandan city officials consider removing some traffic lights on Main Street

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MANDAN, N.D. - Mandan officials want to replace and remove some traffic signals on Main Street, but will wait for the outcome of a downtown study before it starts.

City officials say some traffic signals are slowing motorists and pedestrians down.

Signals on 10th Avenue West and First Avenue West may be removed and not replaced.

City commissioners notified the North Dakota Department of Transportation that they need the findings of a downtown sub-area study.

The research will consider if Mandan needs to reduce its four-lane traffic to three lanes on Main Street.

The city wants smarter traffic signals to replace timed systems to improve the experience for drivers and walkers.

"So, less time waiting when there is nothing to wait for. Also, push button-activated crossings so the signals know when to cross," said Mandan city engineer Justin Froseth.

Froseth says the plan is to replace traffic lights during the 2018 construction season if there are no conflicts with the downtown study.