Mandan bar receives national recognition

Published: Aug. 18, 2019 at 7:32 PM CDT
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A bar in Mandan received national recognition on USA Today's top 10 best cocktail bars in the country.

Thomas & Moriarty's on Main Street, named after the 'Godfather of Bartending,' has put an antique spin on modern service. The bar first opened last year and the owners say the cocktail style hasn't peeked in popularity in the area yet.

"If you look around the country, like craft cocktails are huge in like New York, Chicago, L.A. In areas like this, it's still growing for us to make it on a national scale is a big thing. It's kind of like a little league team going to the World Series," said co-owner, Michael Kashey.

Bar co-owner Michael Kashey, jokingly said he won't let the new found fame go to his head. Other bars on the list include places in Atlanta, Phoenix and New York City.