Mandan band holds driveway concert

Published: Apr. 26, 2020 at 8:55 PM CDT
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Hundreds of music venues across the country have rescheduled concerts, leaving many musicians without a source of income. Rather than staying cooped up inside, one band decided to surprise a Mandan neighborhood.

In this Mandan neighborhood,

"Where the skies are so blue," sang artist and songwriter, Brianna Helbling.

And filled with music.

"We can barely turn the radio on," Brianna's father, Brian Schafer.

Brianna Helbling & The Outsiders held this special driveway concert so others could enjoy music during their quarantine.

"We just kinda were playing and we're like: 'hopefully the neighbors can come out or people could sit in their cars' and see what happens," said Helbling.

Helbling says she didn't promote the concert so the band could avoid creating large crowds but it didn't take long before word spread on social media. Helbling's father says the neighbors are a close knit community.

"Everybody knows everybody and everybody is really supportive of Bri and the band and everything so it's really cool," said Schafer.

"It's just heartwarming," said Helbling.

Families that attended maintained their social distance and enjoyed the summerlike weather.

Brianna Helbling says she's thinking about holding another pandemic driveway concert but only if everyone can safely maintain their distance from each other.