Mandan Rodeo Days celebrates children with special needs

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Mandan Rodeo Days kicked off July 2 and will continue through July 4.

The Mandan Rodeo Days are here, bringing all kinds of fun for 137 years in a row, but this year they're bringing something new as well.

"I've always had a passion for working with kids, and I rodeo, and I've had horses, and I've been very fortunate to grow up around horses all of my life. And so I also have a passion with the rodeo world and working with horses and animals, and so to kind of be able to put the two of them together has always been something that I've been wanting to do," said Brittany Schock, Remarkable Kids Rodeo Coordinator.

The First Annual Remarkable Kids Rodeo was July 2 at the rodeo grounds.

"She is having a blast, she's been looking forward to it all week. Riding the horse and telling them 'Giddy up', she kept telling me all week," said Ashley Wolf, mother.

Twenty-eight remarkable children with special needs came to experience being part of a rodeo through numerous stations and games.

"They're a little unsure when they come in here at first. But then you get them going to a couple of stations, and their little faces just light up and they've got the biggest smile you can see," said Schock.

More Rodeo Days events are happening all weekend long. For more information about the rodeo and events, go to