Mandan Police respond to apartment fire

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Mandan police are looking for a woman a witness says threatened him with a gun and started a fire in an apartment complex.

It happened around noon today on Third Street.

Investigators say a witness told them he heard fire alarms going off and went down to check out the basement, where he found a rug on fire and a woman hiding in the corner.

He says the woman, who didn't live there, then pulled a gun on him and left before police arrived.

"We were paged out for a fire in the basement of the apartment complex. There was supposed to be a person with a gun on scene. We didn't know the whole nature of the call until we got on scene and the police went back in and determined the person with the gun was no longer on scene so it was safe for us to go," said Mandan Fire Department Capt. Mike Hanson.

The fire department says the damage was minimal.