Mandan Police Department seeing increase in calls for service

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MANDAN, N.D. - In 2006 Mandan Police responded to almost 9,000 service calls. 2016 isn't even close to over, and service calls have almost exceeded that.

So far this year, Mandan officers have responded to 8,615 calls for service, and it's certainly not a number that's slowing down or one they want to slow down.

No two calls for Mandan officers are the same, and that's how Officer Tyler Henry likes it.

"Always new and surprising, you always get to, you're always learning everyday," says Officer Tyler Henry, Mandan Police Department.

From accident reports to theft reports, it's impossible to predict what the calls will be, but calls is a number they study, and it's increasing.

"It's a number we have to track to make sure that we're going to have enough officers always to be able to respond and handle all those calls," says Deputy Chief Paul Leingang, Mandan Police Department.

Deputy Chief Leingang says the calls for service have increased about 17 percent from this time last year. Officer Henry says calls tend to pick up in the summer months.

"Kids are out of school, it's nicer outside, as compared to the winter time, when it's a little bit colder, people tend to stay indoors," says Henry.

Leingang says the peak hours for calls are between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. and they have extra officers during this time. He also says that other nearby agencies have had an increase in calls.

"Everybody is getting busier, and there's really no one factor that you can say this is why it's busier. It just is. There's just a lot of demands on law enforcement," says Leingang.

Leingang says they encourage people to continue calling and reporting crime, even if it keeps their officers busy.

The department's last group recruitment was when they added five officers in 2014.