Mandan Police Department hires first civilian evidence tech

MANDAN, N.D. - Storing and ensuring the safety of evidence is important for all law enforcement agencies.

Police say evidence technicians have a busy job.

For the first time since the department has been up and running, they have a civilian evidence tech.

Chief Jason Ziegler says before hiring on the civilian tech, they had a sergeant and a lieutenant overseeing the lockers and all the duties that came with it.

"There's more to it than bagging an tagging evidence," said Sgt. Jason Neuberger.

Jason Neuberger was one of the people in charge of the evidence lockers before the civilian tech was hired on this year.

"This evidence job has always been a full time job which is basically our secondary responsibility. Which puts our primary duties on hold because of how busy it is down here," said Neuberger.

He says they'll now be able to refocus on their duties.

"The evidence side of it is more of a maintenance side of it and making sure it gets to the right places. And if an officer needs to go to courts, that they can go downstairs to evidence and get it out and go to court without having to call another police officer to do that," said Ziegler.

Ziegler says their new tech is the right fit because he's honest and honorable. So when the lights are off and the doors are shut, they know their evidence is in good hands.

Ziegler says the department wants to get a scan system for the evidence room to make the process easier.

He says their civilian tech has been with the Animal Control Unit within the department for the last 15 years.

Officers say the new tech is hardworking and his integrity is through the roof, something they deem important.