Mandan Police Department adds domestic violence investigator to team

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MANDAN, N.D. - Mandan Police detectives typically work on all types of cases. But for several months the most recent addition to the investigative team works only on a particular type of crime.

It's a call for service Mandan Police officers respond to often. It's also the emergency that called for a new detective.

"I think it's nice for them to see a friendly face and somebody that will walk them through and help them answer their questions," says Darcy Anderson, Mandan Police Department Domestic Violence Investigator.

Anderson is the domestic violence sexual assault investigator - the first ever for the department. Besides reviewing cases and speaking with victims, the position also involves working with officers.

"We also want to improve our process when we respond to domestics. We want to train our officers better," says Deputy Chief Paul Leingang, Mandan Police Department.

Anderson says she reads officers' domestic-related reports and will follow up on cases they can't. She also works closely with the Abused Adult Resource Center, who helped secure the federal grant for her job and a new advocate position.

"There's been such an increase in calls in the last couple years with the department, and that's all calls - domestic-related and also sexual assault - so it's nice to have an investigator that can focus on a certain type of call," says Anderson.

Leingang says it's a three-year grant, but they intend to pursue it again to keep the position full-time in the department.

Domestic violence calls also include stalking, dating violence and harassment.​