Mandan PD launches anonymous tip app

Published: May. 22, 2019 at 9:37 PM CDT
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The Mandan Police Department is using a new tool, which it says will help with investigations.

Similar to an app recently released for the Bismarck Police Department, Mandan has a new app for collecting anonymous tips.

Named Mandan PD, this smartphone app allows users to send information to Mandan police officers regarding ongoing investigations. Under the old system, tips for Mandan had to go through BPD then passed on.

"What I wanted to do was separate us from Bismarck Police Department. So I thought it would be best to have our own tip line or Tip 411," said Lt. Patrick Haug, Criminal Investigations Division.

Both Bismarck and Mandan use a program called Tip 411, which allows users to anonymously send information, pictures, and videos. It also enables investigators to communicate back with the tipper for additional information, all while remaining anonymous.

BPD said they've been receiving positive responses since launching in January.

"Initial usage has been great. We anticipated their being lots of tips, and there have been," said Lt. Michael McMerty, BPD support services.

For both police departments, the cost was $4,800 for a two-year subscription. But the app is free to download.