Mandan Middle School student learns that threats come with consequences

MANDAN, N.D. - A gun threat made by a student at Mandan Middle School left a 14-year-old with a terrorizing citation Tuesday.

Mandan Police say a student talked about fighting another student and the 14-year-old said if anyone touched him he was going to get a gun from his backpack.

Police never found a weapon.

They say there was no imminent danger, but it puts into perspective the sensitivity of making threats, whether it's true or not.

Taking a moment to talk to children about the importance of not making threats and what consequences they can face for making them is vital.

One step at a time, our communities have changed their habits because of social media and past incidents.

"The idea that it's humorous, or bold, or fun to to make any kind of a gun threat should never be tolerated and should be looked at as far as our educational topics," said Mandan resident Karen Kautzmann.

No one was available to speak to us at Mandan Middle School Wednesday, but their handbook says students aren't allowed to have guns and will be suspended if they do so, but there is no information about vocal threats made and the consequences.

"I think more kids are taking it more serious, you know they hear something they're more likely to report it now," said Mandan student resources officer Michael Breid.

Kautzmann says this is something she has talked to her kids about.

"How to be a responsible citizen, how to be a responsible person as far as how you treat other people," said Kautzmann.

Mandan Police say they always treat threats seriously.

They both agree talking to children about these things and the consequences associated with making threats is important.