Mandan Independence Day Parade attracts old and new visitors

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A happy Fourth of July to everyone, the Independence Day parade was July 4 out on Main Street Mandan.

The parade has become a fundraiser for many local charities, like the Be a Good Neighbor Program, or Bismarck Stilettos.

"We're told this is the best-attended event in North Dakota, aside from the state fair. So when they said we could piggy-back off of their event that just opened it up for us," said Melissa Hammond, founder, BisMan Stilettos.

The parade is also one more thing to love about Mandan for the Webster family of Minnesota, whose vehicle broke down on their way to South Dakota.

"I think it was a godsend that we were right here. This town of Mandan is unreal, I haven't met anyone who's been grumpy or looked the other way," said Debbie Webster, a stranded traveler in Mandan.

Also in attendance, the Berger Family, BisMan natives now scattered across the nation.

"Well, we all live in different states so it's kind of nice to meet here on neutral ground. And we just have fun, nobody has to cook and clean," said Gloria Staskivige, BisMan native.

Whatever their reason for coming, thousands lined main street to watch the classic cars and cowboys in the parade.

The Mandan Independence Day Parade has been held every year for almost as long as Mandan has been a town. Newspaper articles mention the parade as far back as the late 1800s.