Mandan High School students, staff take part in mock voting

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MANDAN, N.D. - Students and staff at Mandan High School are taking part in Election Day by filling out sample ballots.

Mock voting precincts were set up all over the school separated by grade and faculty. Seniors were able to put their ballots right into a ballot box, borrowed from the county auditor's office.

This event is organized by a government class to teach and encourage the importance of voting.

"We are just curious about how the school is going to vote in this election, so we put it out. It's also to help people understand the process of the election, so when they do vote, when they turn 18, we have a lot of seniors who are going to be voting, so then they'll be more comfortable with the process," says Johan Stenslie, senior.

The County Auditor will tally up the votes and results will be announced Wednesday.