Mandan High School marching band heading to Ireland

The Mandan High School marching band is preparing for a very special St. Patrick's Day. The group is heading to Ireland on Wednesday to play in a parade.

One hundred and three students will be spending six days in the European country for a couple of performances, parades, sightseeing and fun.

In less than 24 hours, some of these students from Mandan High School will be boarding buses on their way to Minneapolis. From there, they'll fly to Ireland to perform in the St. Patrick's Day parade in Cork on Sunday.

“We all didn't think we would be going international and when we found out this news we were like that's so amazing it's really awesome,” said senior Katelyn Cermack.

The group has been practicing before school a couple days a week over the last six weeks, preparing for the trip.

“It's been difficult like replicating a parade type performance because we've been confined indoors,” senior Isaiah Goodhouse said. “So what we've been doing is we march in circles around the auditorium and then in the gym, but practicing the music is the easy part, the marching is the hard part.”

Band director Jon Baumann says this is bigger than just the band.

“We're representing not only our band, our school, our state, our country you know so it's a great honor and the kids are really excited, as am I to make this trip and represent,” Baumann said.

And they say they're excited to show off all their hard work.

To watch the parade on Sunday, follow this link: