Mandan Fire Department hosts open house

MANDAN, N.D. - October is Fire Prevention Month, and firefighters in our area are taking time to make sure the community, and kids, are prepared in case of emergency.

Kids of all ages were watching live demonstrations, getting their very own fire helmets and even riding in fire trucks.

But, middle schooler Shelby Tveito says its not all the action she's most impressed by tonight, its a group of men. "Probably all the firemen serving here. It's pretty cool," said Shelby.

The annual open house at the Mandan Fire Department is a teaching opportunity.

Firefighters welcome the community in and make sure kids know how to get out if there is a fire.

Meeting Smokey and spraying a fire hose highlight fire prevention and fire fighting efforts, but other demonstrations show how much more there is to being a firefighter than putting out flames.

Middle schooler Kendyl Milas said, "I like it because you get to see all of these things that people do daily at their jobs and things that help save lives, and I think it's just really cool."

As the firefighters spend the month going into schools to talk to kids about fire safety; the open house gives an opportunity for everyone to learn some new information while having a good time.

"It's fun to see everybody in the community that we serve they're really good to us, everybody loves coming to the fire department and you know we're happy to do it for them," said firefighter Matt Hennessy.

Other fire, police, ambulance and first responder services from both Bismarck and Mandan took part in the event.