Mandan Dairy Queen helps fund employees through college

 Photo courtesy: Kelsey Schultz
Photo courtesy: Kelsey Schultz (KFYR)
Published: Aug. 14, 2019 at 5:58 PM CDT
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Mandan Dairy Queen employees are being rewarded for their dedication with college funds.

Mike Wieland, the owner of the Mandan Dairy Queen, began offering educational assistance to his employees five years ago.

Since then, six of his long-term employees have cashed checks that benefit their college careers.

Employees at the Mandan Dairy Queen are serving up more than just sweet treats

"I go to the Bismarck State College, Dakota Nursing Program. I graduated from the license practical nursing program in July, and I was accepted into the Registered Nursing program which will start at the end of August," said Kelsey Schultz, Dairy Queen employee.

Wieland made it his goal to help long-term employees through an education assistance program.

"It rewards the employee for giving so much of their valuable time to us," said Wieland.

After three years of service, employees are given upwards of $4,000 for educational expenses, which can be accumulated and applied up to seven years of schooling.

"I paid off an entire semester of nursing school just like that, because I’ve worked hard for it and it's added up over the years," said Schultz.

For Wieland, he says funding his employees education is least he can do to give back.

"It’s great to see them thrive, and pursue their future. So it’s great to be a part of that," said Wieland.

And for students like Schultz, her co-workers at Dairy Queen are like having a second family to rely on.

"They're cheering me on when I’m getting accepted into the program and writing me letters of recommendation, and getting me to this point,” said Schultz.

Since beginning to program, Wieland has issued a total of $13,000 to employees.

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