Mandan City Commission passes liquor law moratorium for establishments

Published: Apr. 8, 2020 at 1:46 PM CDT
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Restaurants and Bars in Mandan limited by on-sale liquor licenses can now offer a little bit more with their to-go and delivery orders.

The Mandan City Commission passed a resolution temporarily allowing restaurants in Mandan to serve sealed containers of alcohol with pickup or delivered meals.

Thomas and Moriarty's is one of the establishments that pushed for the resolution.

"It kind of gives restaurants and bars that are really struggling for every dollar, some extra money coming in, which is in this time very much needed," said Stacy Sturm, Thomas & Moriarty’s co-owner.

It will still require people to order food with the alcohol, and obey open container laws.

"They're going to have to figure out a different way to wrap that beverage so that it's not just a to-go cup with a straw in it ," said Jim Neubauer, Mandan administrator.

Some businesses are adding options like buying bottles of wine or cans of beer to fit the restrictions.

"Every little bit helps first of all, but we have some inventory here that before it goes bad we can sell it and get it out to the consumer instead of having to waste it," said Rob Knoll, Bennigan’s co-owner.

The changes will last until the governor lifts the restrictions on eating in a restaurant.

Bismarck City Commissioners have put a similar action on their agenda for Tuesday.