Mandan City Commission approves fire, building code changes

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The Mandan City Commission has approved changes to the city fire code and building codes after a month of waiting.

One of the big changes came in the wake of the Sunset Bluffs fire this summer.

Previously a roof overhanging a deck or balcony needed to stretch out more than four feet before a sprinkler was required. Now an overhang of more than six inches will require a sprinkler head.

"It's something that the city of Bismarck did a few years ago, and we thought we may do the same, because it may have helped us in that apartment fire we had this past summer 2019," said Chief Steve Nardello, Mandan Fire Department.

Chief Nardello says a sprinkler in the overhang may have controlled or extinguished the fire before it reached the attic. ​