Mandan City Commission approves animal management ordinance

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MANDAN, N.D. - Since a dog attack in July of last year, Mandan officials have been working to address how animals are managed in the city.

The Mandan City Commission had its first consideration of the latest ordinance.

It sets punishments for pets trespassing on neighboring property. It defines vicious dogs as ones that attack someone, or approach a person in a threatening manner on public property.

It requires people to pick up after their pets on public property. Police Chief Ziegler said it will make policing the issues easier.

"It really gives some enforcement power to the police officers when they respond to a call, and there's that dog we see running at large. We're now able to write a citation, a $20 fine," said Chief Jason Ziegler, Mandan Police.

It passed Tuesday night and will be brought up at the next city meeting for a second consideration.