Mandan boy has a passion for entertaining

Published: Aug. 14, 2019 at 8:01 PM CDT
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There's almost never a dull moment when you're a parent. A Mandan father can second that. His 9-year-old son has autism, and has a passion for being an entertainer by capturing his favorite activities and sharing them online.

Vinny Williams' personality turns on as quick as his video camera.

His dad says he's always been talkative, and this gives him an opportunity to have an audience.

"First I do the planning on the video, and then I make them for my family," said Vinny.

"He's an energetic kid with a ton to say, so he needs an outlet to do that," said Damon Williams, Vinny's father.

He says with Vinny being autistic, it helps with his speech and focus.

"I've seen some kids who are totally nonverbal, Vinny is pretty much the opposite of that. It could be hard to understand sometimes, but we're in therapy for different types of things, and I think this is another thing that helps with that," said Damon.

And it teaches him skills like planning and communication.

"Took him forever to even start playing with toys or take an interest with that, and when he did it was just reenacting stories he already knew, and I wanted to encourage him to be creative and to make his own stories," added Damon.

It also bonds them in a special way since Vinny hasn't mastered editing yet. But he hopes he'll pick it up.

As a parent he says he wants to be supportive and give him the tools he needs to follow his passions.

Vinny's most recent video is after going through the I Can Bike camp in Bismarck, a camp that teaches children with limitations to ride bikes. You can find his YouTube channel by visitig:

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