Mandan 2017 economic recap

MANDAN, N.D. - The city of Mandan had both ups and downs economically in 2017.

The price of a residential home increased almost $2,000, and there was one more home sold than in 2016. But, the number of new homes built was down 32 percent, which in turn brought the value of building permits down as well.

On the sales tax side, the numbers were up for the year.

"To be up in our sales tax collections is pretty good because over the last three quarters I think sales have been down,” city administrator Jim Neubauer said. “So for the year of 2017, by our sales tax collections being up 2.5 percent is a really positive sign that there’s some good things happening in Mandan."

Hotel tax was down, and Neubauer contributes that to lower room rates and slightly lower occupancy rates.