Man pays it forward after winning snow plow

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BISMARCK, N.D. - The snows been piling up. For some, it may be difficult to hit the clean up deadline. There's one Bismarck man who's out to make that easier for people.

It's not easy for everyone to get help clearing their sidewalks or driveways, but Mark Sheldon wants to make that easier for those who may need an extra hand and plow one less trouble away.

"If somebody knows someone that's having trouble, especially when snow is heavy like this, older couples or veterans would be good, just anybody, surgeries, anybody that needs a little help," said Sheldon.

But he doesn't just do it to help, he says plowing is a hobby and won't charge anyone for his services.

"He knew that I was old, and he won't admit that, but he's just taking care of me," said Roy Mallory, a retired Bismarck resident.

Sheldon won this plow in a raffle through the American Veterans Traveling Tribute about four years ago. He says he wants to pay it forward.

"It's way too big for me to use on my driveway, so that's why I go around and do everybody else's," said Sheldon.

He's a full time teacher, waking up before work or using his weekends to put a smile on a neighbors face.

"There are people who help you, you don't have to go out and have a heart attack trying to get it cleaned out and stuff like that," said Mallory.

Both Sheldon and Mallory say their Bismarck neighbors are amazing, and everyone is out to help one another when there's a chance.

If you know someone who may need assistance with plowing their driveway this winter, you can find Mark Sheldon, on Facebook or email him at