Man claims sexual harassment

BISMARCK, N.D. - A man claims a Salvation Army supervisor in Bismarck sexually harassed him.

The incident in question took place last December.

Donnie Gosselin reported the harassment to the Salvation Army and made two police reports, but nothing came out of it.

He said he only wanted an apology last year when he claims a Salvation Army Volunteer coordinator touched him.

After filing reports with both the Salvation Army and police, Gosselin said justice has not been served.

He said if roles were reversed things would've unfolded differently

"Since I was a guy everybody pretty much told me, you know what Donnie just suck it up," said Gosselin.

He said in a police report last year the woman removed a tape from his coat and placed it on top of his nipple area, several times, and would rub his chest even though he told her to stop.

"There's a man protesting the Salvation Army. The situation he's protesting about has been reported to our headquarters and even our legal department," said John Flanagan from the Bismarck Salvation Army.

Gosselin said he wants the woman to be held responsible for her actions.

"This is Donnie Gosselin's body and no one else’s body. All I want to do is be treated fairly," said Gosselin.

Gosselin said he is taking matters into his own hands now and will continue to do this until he gets justice.

We reached to the woman accused in this case on Facebook and she never got back to us.

Sergeant Mark Buschena from the Bismarck Police Department says the reports were filed to the city attorney.

Jason Hammes from the City Attorney's office told us the case would not have sustained a conviction in a criminal hearing because there was not enough evidence and the conduct itself was questionable