Man charged with attack on Anamoose priest has bond lowered

TOWNER, N.D.- Chad Legare, who faces an attempted murder charge in the attack on priest Robert Wapenski, in late January, had his second initial appearance Tuesday.

Legare first appeared in court in February, but after Judge Michael Hurly recused himself, Judge Donovan Foughty took over the case and heard from Legare and his attorney.

Judge Hurly had set Legare's bond at $250,000. Now, Legare asked for a lower bond.

"At this time he is requesting that the court would enter or amend the bond to $100,000 cash or corporate surety," said Legare's lawyer William Hartl.

Judge Foughty denied the request but Legare's bond was lowered by 50 thousand dollars.

Barring any setbacks, Legare will be back in court here in McHenry County on April 19, at 10:30 p.m.