Man accused of murdering his mother appears in court

MORTON COUNTY, N.D. - A man accused of murdering his mother in a May 2013 incident appeared in court Wednesday to hear motions from the judge before his felony jury trial later next month.

The judge at the Morton County Courthouse approved for the defendant Christopher Vick to wear non-visible restraints and street clothes during the trial.

But, state’s attorney Julie Laywer says that could change if there are outbursts.

Vick faces a murder conviction for a knife incident.

He was previously charged for attempted murder of his brother’s girlfriend in the same incident.

Vick is currently at the state penitentiary for that conviction and is expected to get out in June 2030.

During the felony jury trial the prosecution will call to the stand 29 witnesses during.

The trial is expected to begin Jan. 16 and run until Jan. 26.