Making the Bakken Great Again

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Three months ago when President Donald Trump was rolling out his tax reform bill, he came to North Dakota to shore up support for the major piece of legislation.

He spoke to a crowd of more than 700 people at the Andeavor Refinery in Mandan and highlighted how the state's energy industry would benefit from his income tax proposals.

On a hot September afternoon, President Donald Trump promoted a plan he claimed would make the Bakken Great Again.

"You're the hard working people who provide the energy that makes this country run and we're finally getting government out of the way so you can do your job," said Trump.

Mandan was just one stop on the presidents cross country tax reform tour. Now his proposals are about to be signed into law.

"It's good for the investment community in terms of inspiring more activity into the Bakken, we think people are going to have more money in their pockets. We employ tens of thousands of people across North Dakota, it's going to be good for those workers," said Ron Ness, President, ND Petroleum Council.

Ness says tax reform isn't the only policy initiative Trump has advanced to enhance oil and gas development in the state. He says implementing reasonable and fair energy regulations and signing executive orders to complete construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline have also benefited the energy industry.

When Trump was in Mandan three months ago he said hoped his tax proposal would receive bipartisan support. It did not, not a single Democrat in the House or Senate voted for the legislation.