Major investments announced for Minot’s Roosevelt Park Zoo

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MINOT, N.D. - The Community Leadership Institute announced it has raised $2,100 for Roosevelt Park Zoo's continuing education efforts for the community.

The Minot zoo crew announced Thursday it has committed $500,000 for upgrades to the big cat complex.

The Roosevelt Park Zoo's mission is to provide an enjoyable recreational and educational experience for the residents and visitors in the community.

A pair of investments will help the zoo carry that out.

"Our zoo is the oldest zoo in North Dakota, and on top of that its often been referred to the gem of Minot. So we know we help draw people to our community so we try to give back to the community by educational offering and just enrich the people that live here to give them a high quality zoo to enjoy" said Zoo Director Becky Dewitz.

Members of the Community Leadership Institute have raised $2,100 over the past nine weeks that will help further the zoo's mission of educating the community.

"I think we probably could have doubled our profits if we started sooner. But we are very excited to have exceeded our goal by at least $200," said Joy Smith, Minot director of quality assurance.

After an announcement for two new exhibits for the tiger and lion enclosures, zoo staff continue to focus on improving the overall zoo experience.

"We don't want to abandon our mission just because we know this will make us a better place. This is equally important. To continue to give attention to education, conservation and the betterment of our community and our animals here" said Jennifer Kleen, MZC executive director.

Work will begin on the big cat enclosure when weather improves in the spring.

The zoo is open through the winter, Thursday through Saturday 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.