Maine officials address N.D. education policy committee

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Officials from Maine were at the North Dakota Capitol Monday to teach the education policy committee a thing or two.

After the last session, several legislators were invited to go out to Maine because the state has recently engaged in a lot of innovative learning.

Not too long ago North Dakota passed the Innovative Education Bill, and during their visit to the East Coast, our legislators were able to see what that looked like and what results they had.

Despite being 2,000 miles away, Senator Erin Oban says that she was surprised to learn that Maine shares a lot of similarities with North Dakota.

“The makeup of our states is much more similar than I knew before we went out there. So the number of rural school districts, the number of small school districts, is pretty similar to what we are working with here in North Dakota,” said Erin Oban, senator of District 35.

Oban says another similarity between the two states is dealing with budget shortfalls.

The committee is studying what top-down approaches did and didn't work for Maine.