Main Street Minute: Thriftiquables and Kharma Vida

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If you're looking for Hot Wheels cars, records or collectibles, Thriftiquables is the only antique, collectible, and thrift store in the area that has those items.

"Little bit of everything store. It started off to be my obsession with auctions and the state sales, turned into 'I better do something with some of this stuff,'" said Brian Lehman, Thriftiquables owner.

Lehman says he loves when people walk into his shop and find themselves amazed by how much stuff he has.

"Whenever anybody walks into the store they say 'holy cow.' I almost named it that, but I decided to go with Thriftiquables instead," laughed Lehman.

Another store that's taking peoples breath away is Kharma Vida.

The wellness spa offers an oxygen booth for people to use.

"You literally inhale oxygen and it's also infused with young living essential oils, so you get that boost. Oxygen is, as we know, in every cell of the body, so it just gives your body a boost of oxygen," said Andi Thon Emerson, Kharma Vida owner.

The spa also offers a red light therapy bed to help rejuvenate the body, a salt sauna and a salt booth.

Thriftiquebles is located on Old Red Trail in Mandan and Kharma Vida is on Rosser in Bismarck.

For more information on Thriftiquebles and Kharma Vida you can search them on Facebook.

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