Main Street Minute: Proximal 50 and Custom Endodontics

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Proximal 50 wanted to make Downtown stronger, so they just opened a second location on North Mandan Street in Bismarck.

Their goal is to keep Bismarck growing in a healthy way.

The gym has a warehouse side that offers pulse classes, and Olympic lifting platforms.

"We really try to cater all ages, demographics, because everyone's journey is a little bit different and we really want to cater to all those different avenues," said Tana Trotter, CEO and physical therapist.

Trotter says the new downtown location will bring in a whole new group of people.

"They're really excited to not have to leave their comfort area of downtown to get their fitness side going," says Trotter.

If you have a membership at Proximal 50's West Divide location, it's accepted at this new location in downtown.

Custom Endodontics opened its third office in Dickinson.

They focus on diagnosing tooth pain and performing root canals.

The team says they're excited to have a practice open on Villard Street in Dickinson.

The dental office accepts all insurances.

For more information on Proximal 50 and Custom Endodontics, you can search them on Facebook.

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