Main Street Minute: Proximal 50, Bison Booties

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Proximal 50 is opening up a second location that'll be more fitness focused, and after seven years of being in business, Bison Booties is still continuing to grow.

Proximal 50 is opening a second location in downtown Bismarck.

The life center is planning on opening up a new gym where One Source Lighting's building is on North Mandan Street in Bismarck.

"It's very unreal. It's so exciting because to think we're about to come into our second year at the original location, and that we're already expanding is incredible," said Tana Trotter, CEO/physical therapist.

The new gym will open in early 2018 to better serve the Bis-Man community.

Another business still going strong, is Bison Booties.

The business is getting requests from all over the country for its comfortable, warm slippers anyone can wear.

"To know that something that my hands touched, and the woman that help me make Bison Booties, all of us made these Bison Booties, and here they are nationally getting attention. It's pretty amazing," said Erica Hager.

Hager says it's a great job for stay-at home moms.

"Nobody makes them start to finish, but I kind of have an old fashioned assembly line. The women get to work in their own homes, around their own schedules, around their own kids, it's my way of giving back to moms like me," said Hager.

The booties are named Bison Booties because it's a representation of where they're made from.

For more information on Bison Booties or Proximal 50 you can search them on Facebook.

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