Main Street Minute: Charras and Tequila, Woodmansee's, and Magnolias

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Charras and Tequila is a new Mexican restaurant coming to Bismarck this summer. Woodmansee's Office Supply moved locations from North 4th Street in Bismarck to Mandan Avenue and Magnolias is closing.

Photo courtesy: Charras and Tequila

Charras and Tequila will be located in North Bismarck, next to Dunn Brothers Coffee. The restaurant will offer authentic Mexican food that's prepared while customers watch.

"Open kitchen, you will be able to see my kitchen and stuff. Family people and we always are the same, that's the advantage I got. We're always consistent," said David Mendoza, owner.

The restaurant hopes to open up in August.

Woodmansee's Office Supply has been in their original location for 89 years, but now they're changing with the era.

"The staff, the walk in business, it didn't make much sense anymore," said Joe Woodmansee.

Which led him to have more of an office setting with a warehouse.

"We have sales people go business to business. We have an internet business, online business," said Woodmansee.

Woodmansee says he's been getting good feedback from the community with the switch.

After being open for 21 years, Magnolias on North 5th Street plans to close at the end of the month.

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