Main Street Minute: Capital Trophy moved location and Prairie SEA opened up

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Prairie sea is a new clinic in Bismarck and Capital Trophy moved locations from North 4th Street to East Century Avenue.

Prairie SEA, Sinus Ear and Allergy, is a new innovative clinic that's goal is to heal, comfort, and transform patients’ lives.

"What we're trying to establish is a destination medical practice for patients in the sphere of science here in allergy problems," said owner Jay Raisen.

The clinic also offers CT scans, sinus surgery, and sublingual testing in the near future.

Another business that's switching things up is Capital Trophy.

The trophy and engraving shop decided to move locations to East Century Avenue in Bismarck.

"We streamlined the business just a little bit, so we didn't require that big of a space any longer, and also parking became an issue for my employees and my customers," said Michelle Fettig, Owner of Capital Trophy.

So far they've been getting great feedback from the community.

"They don't have to look for a place to park. It's a newer, more convenient location, so it was just kind of a positive all the way around," said Fettig.

The store sells other customized engraved items too, like jewelry and hangers.

For more information on Prairie sea or Capital Trophy, you can search them on Facebook.

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