Main Street Minute: Bob's Photo owner to retire

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Bob with Bob's Photo is retiring, which means the store that's been around since 1979 is closing, and Tulle'n Around with Noelle Grace, designs her own wreaths.

Bob's Photo on Interstate Avenue has been around for 38 years, but Bob says it's time to say goodbye and do something different.

"We're looking for some time off, we've got grandkids and they don't all live right here. Maybe some traveling and stuff," said owner Bob Dolajak.

The store isn't officially closing until the year's up.

"All the big prints, all the printing, all the good things we're hanging on to. It's just the inventory is going to have to go," said Dolajak.

Bob says some of his customers are happy that he's retiring, but sad the store is closing.

Another business trying to make a name for itself is Tulle'n Around with Noelle Grace.

The business sells handmade wreaths, decorated totes, stuffed animals and personalized clothing.

"This is a lot of fun, so much fun. I quit my real job in August to do this, to my husband’s dismay, but it's so much more fun then what I've been doing. I get to interact with people in a fun way,” said Stephanie Bankston, designer/owner.

The wreath prices range from $50 to $75.

For more information on Bob's Photo or Tulle'n Around With Noelle Grace you can search them on Facebook.

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