Main Street Minute: Bismarck Magazine, Dakota Dream Waters

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Bismarck Magazine finally has a space to work out of and Dakota Dream Waters in Mandan is offering something unique to the area.

Bismarck Magazine, a lifestyle culture magazine, has an official location they're working out of.

"We're just so excited to be in downtown Bismarck, there's just something about the atmosphere and the feel that makes us even more excited to come to work and be a part of the community," said Caroline Crary, publisher and co-founder.

The new office space helps the publishers and co-founders be more organized.

"It's crazy, it's very surreal. We're honored and privileged to have just a small office space. i think it's a huge milestone for us and now we get to be here for a long time and it just makes it that much more real," said Hannah Haynes, publisher and co-founder.

Bismarck Magazine can be picked up at 200 different distribution locations around town.

Another new business is Dakota Dream Waters in Mandan.

The float deprivation tank gets rid of all sensory inputs, which lets your body rest, rejuvenate, and relax all at once.

"It's a foot of water and Epsom salt. The salt content is double of what the ocean is. People have no problem just floating," said Wayne Jarvis Bearstail, co-owner.

Sessions can be 30 minutes to two hours, price varies on the length you float, and you can float as many times as you want.

The pod is eight foot by five foot. You have full control of the pod and the lighting while you float.

Dakota Dream Waters is offered by appointment only.

For more information you can search both Bismarck Magazine and Dakota Dream Waters on Facebook.

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