Main Street Minute: Ale Works and Bismarck Brewing opening, WashBarn expanding

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Ale Works and Bismarck Brewing are opening up on Highway 83 in Bismarck and WashBarn is expanding to the strip in Mandan.

The snow is a slight set back, but The WashBarn hopes to open up their second location by Christmas.

The new car and dog wash will look like the Bismarck wash on Expressway.

"It's bigger, it gives you more opportunity on which you want to do. It kind of follows the same concept as my first one, but I'm really trying to ease a little pressure off the first one from the amount of business I do get with it," said owner Lonnie Barth.

This WashBarn will be more user friendly, offering 3 dog washes, a little laundry facility and two touch less that's 9 feet tall.

It's also offering a 65 foot long enlarged bay for campers and trucks.

Another business that's hammering things down is Ale Works and Bismarck Brewing.

Ale Works is a restaurant that'll have food available in the upstairs tap room of Bismarck Brewing.

The owners says brewing for the community has been a dream of theirs.

"We're excited, it's crazy. It was a dream three years ago, now it's happening and we couldn't be happier," said Jordan Everaert, co-owner of Bismarck Brewing.

Both Ale Works and Bismarck Brewing hope to open in January.

The brewery is planning on having 21 different lines available in the tap room.

For more information on Ale Works and Bismarck Brewing or The WashBarn you can search them on Facebook.

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