Main Street Minute: Active Life Chiropractic, Boutique 23

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Active Life Chiropractic is expanding and Boutique 23 is making its way to Bismarck.

Active Life Chiropractic will be taking over the Main Street Tires location in Bismarck.

Renovations are currently happening. They hope to open mid-January.

"We're expanding to include more chiropractors, a couple massage therapists, and a functional fitness center. That will be an area for moms to workout, a place for our patients to do things beyond chiropractic that we recommend," said owner Sara Weigel.

The owners of the business say they hope the new location will make a greater impact in the region to help people be more healthy.

Another store opening right next to Active Life Chiropractic is Boutique 23.

The boutique is expanding from Linton, hoping to open in November.

"A lot of people are so excited that we're getting one in Bismarck. Just cause Linton is a small town, so they can't really make it there sometime," said Manager Danita Silbernagel.

The boutique will be carrying home decor and women's and men's clothing.

For more information on Active Life Chiropractic or Boutique 23 you can search them on Facebook.

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