Main Street Minute: 3Be Meats in Bismarck

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BISMARCK, N.D. - 3Be meats on Main in Bismarck is expecting to open their doors June 12. The owners say the butcher shop is something they've always wanted to bring to Bismarck.

The meat market is working on stocking their meat display with freshly cut pork, sausages, beef and steaks. One thing the owners say that'll separate 3Be from other meat markets is that they will offer different brat flavors The butcher shop is a family owned business where customer satisfaction is their priority.

"You can't just keep doing it the same way, because then your product starts suffering and customer service starts going downhill. People can feel that when they walk in if you're just at your job just doing it day to day," said co-owner Mack Turnes.

For more information on 3Be you can search them on Facebook.

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