Magic City Campus holds academic pep rally

MINOT, N.D. - The Magic City Campus gym filled up during seventh hour today for the annual academic pep rally.

Seniors donned red, juniors wore yellow and staff wore orange, adding lots of color to the Minot gym.

The Minot High pep rally is meant to be a fun way for the students to celebrate academics. The Renaissance Club, who organized the event, put on games like life size tic-tac-toe and dizzy bat for some Junior Senior competition. There were gift cards given away and plenty of free gifts thrown into the crowd of students.

"All about celebrating the academics. So normally we focus on sports and that's our center. But this pep rally is all about those kids who have put in the time, academics and everything else they've done," said Kali Askvig, Minot High senior.

"We are here to encourage academic success. We are trying to get those who aren't always recognized in our schools, like the athletes are, and we are trying to give them a little recognition for all their hard work they've done throughout the school year," said Brenna Tschetter, a senior at Minot High.

The students say they saw the need to recognize more than just the athletes and that is what took place today.