Magic City Hoagies a unique spot to grab a sub

MINOT, N.D. - When you're hungry and driving around the Magic City, one spot has a great atmosphere, Minot history and they make some delicious sandwiches.

From the moment you step foot inside Magic City Hoagies, you know this is not your ordinary sandwich shop. From the historical pictures plastered on the wall, to the friendly faces making you a hoagie, customers say they notice the uniqueness of it all.

"It's a very welcoming atmosphere. They are very nice people to work with. They seem like they know their customers and they appreciate their customers,” said Jeffrey Beck, customer.

Serving up fresh sandwiches for nearly five years now, the menu has grown to more than 60 different hoagies!

"I think over the years I have seen all the food kind of evolve into different cool things, and the way that the people react, and also the opportunity that they give me ideas,” said Christine Staley, owner.

Customers can make any sandwich their own.

"I have tied a lot of them. But I kind of always go back to the old favorite,” said Beck.

Which for Beck is the roast beef. But everyone has their own go to sub.

"Bacon and cheese. Why? Because it's bacony,” said eight year old Paisley Staley, sandwich lover.

Staley tries to bring in different flavors from around the country, like the New Orleans Muffaletta.

"It gets me excited about introducing ideas, food and flavors to people that they would never have tried if they don't travel to those places,” said Christine.

Bringing a different flare to the sandwich industry.

"It's one of those hidden gems in Minot,” said Beck.

Magic City Hoagies makes more than 2,400 sandwiches a month!