MSU students react to state of the state address

MINOT, N.D. - Minot State students say they understand the importance of Gov. Doug Burgum bringing his speech to the Magic City.

As Burgum prepares to bring his State of the State to the Students at Minot State University, members of the student body say they sense the buzz that this historic day brings to the school.

"I am very excited to have Governor Burgum on campus because it's a very historic moment, the state of the state is being held outside the capital,” said Minot State University student body president Aaron Richard.

Richard says he will get the chance to meet with the governor after his address. He says he hopes the governor addresses improvements to higher ed.

Other students say they understand the impact of the speech on themselves and their peers.

MSU student Kelli Sem said, "I think college students and getting involved as young adults is a very great thing. So, I feel like the fact that it is at Minot State University is great because it gets us involved as young people in important issues."

"And I think it's important for especially young people, as people going to college, to be informed to be actively engaged in politics and have a vested interest,” said said sophomore Alex Williams.

The students say there is an excitement throughout the campus to se Burgum's address in person.

The historic event will be something the students don't want to miss out on.