MSU reacts to Vice President Pence's base visit

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MINOT, N.D. - Community members had a bit to say about Pence's visit.

We stopped by Minot State University to speak with a political science professor and commentator about the visit and also got a chance to speak with a few students about America's vice president.

With the current state of global affairs, Vice President Mike Pence's visit to Minot Air Force base can be viewed as both a reminder and a statement.

"It's ultimate a show of prowess, in terms of look we have these capabilities, they're on the ready. We are prepared," said Dr. Jynette Larshus, MSU coordinator of political science.

Some Minot State University students admitted that they have no clue who Mike Pence is ... but many said they were happy that North Dakota was considered an important stop on the national stage.

"It's pretty cool. I like the fact that I'm from 60 minutes away and I can say the Vice President was only 60 minutes away from my house," said Hannah Voeller, MSU junior.

"I wish I could go up and see him. But, I think it put us on the map and that's pretty important," said Ethan Szaplewski, MSU freshman.

Others said that they thought the VP's visit to the base boosts morale and piques the interest of curious community members.

"It's important for any president or vice president to come and visit the military base. My husband was active duty military for 28 years, so it's really important for the leadership to visit the base and see what's going on, " said Kelly Lichtenberger, MSU peer mentor coordinator.

"Knowing he's here, I guess, is kind of interesting. But, I really just care about what he has to say about the air force base more than him actually being here," said Dorian Aluii, MSU freshman.

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