MSU move-in day offers excitement and nervousness

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BISMARCK, N.D. - College move in day is hard on both the parents and their children. But it's also really exciting. We stopped by move in day at Minot State University.

Victoria Aho says she can't believe she's here, moving into her dorm for the first time.

"I don't think you could really prepare yourself much for this," said Victoria Aho, MSU freshman.

Her dad says this day offers old and new memories.

"A big version of a little girl going to school. But, I'll always be her dad," said Peter Aho, Victoria's dad.

While some freshmen seem nervous about being away from home.

"Well I haven't actually met my roommate yet. So that's pretty nerve wrecking, and I guess just being away from home," said Jacob Christianson, MSU Freshman.

"Just cause it's so far away from home, I think and just like meeting everybody," said Tori Schemenauer, MSU Freshmen.

Many seem excited by the alluring sense of freedom.

"I'm excited to be on campus and learn what college is all about. My mom had a lot of fun when she went to college and I'm excited to enjoy this experience," said Nicole Hall, MSU freshman.

Parents seem to have a mix of sadness, nervousness, and excitement.

"It has been a very emotional week. We've already shed a lot of tears today cause this is my baby," said Cari Christianson, Jacob's Mom.

"It was very nice, mixed feelings. Ya know, long way to come and big hopes," said Kelly Hall, Nicole's mom.

And while the perfect dorm room may be the first step to a great school year.

Parents and new students say the perfect start also includes the sweetest goodbye.

"To make it completely full circle be sure that you make their bed for them the first night. Because, that's what you did when they were a little kid. So today I'm going to make his bed for him first night here," said Cari Christianson.

Making the dorm move a reality and a great memory for both the parents and new Minot State students.

While parents take the quiet ride home, the new MSU students will continue move in with a few meetings.