MODE opening November 10 in Downtown Williston

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WILLISTON, N.D. - Earlier this year, the Renaissance on Main in Downtown Williston opened up for business. Now, a new women’s retail store is moving into the building.

It’s the old meets the new. The Renaissance on Main stands out for its architecture, but future store owners are looking to make it standout for the businesses located inside.

“It felt like we needed something down here,” says Deanette Piesik, Williston MODE Co-Partner.

There is plenty of work to do before the store opens, but MODE will sell women’s designer fashion at closeout prices for women of all ages.

“We felt that maybe we can fill the gap in our area that could benefit everybody,” says Kim Wenko Williston MODE Co-Partner.

This store will be the 11th MODE store to open in the country. Those 11 stores are located in six different states, and the company says they are planning to expand throughout the Midwest.

“The variety of clothing that they offered we felt like it was a right match for Williston,” says Piesik.

Known for its $40 designer jeans, the Fargo-based franchise was founded in 2007. Piesik and Wenko began working to bring the store to Williston more than six months ago. The pair says they will have spent close to $200,000 by the time the store opens.

“Parts of it are easy. I can say that I am learning a lot of new things about running a business, but there are some challenging things, but I am enjoying everything that we are doing so far,” says Piesik.

“I believe that it’s everybody’s job to make your community good, so this is just one of the ways that we can invest back into Williston," says Wenko.

While some people are unclear about investing in the region, these two women are jumping in with confidence.

The store is expected to open November 10.