MHS lockdown post affecting schools across country

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MANDAN, N.D. - A few days ago, Monticello High School in Virginia was threatened, but now the same threat continues to resurface and is affecting schools across the county, including one in our area Thursday.

The photo is spreading through an app called Snapchat and is causing a stir at many schools that bear the initials MHS, inlcuding Mandan High School who went into a lockdown earlier today.

"In this instance it was just a shared message through snapchat that ended up in North Dakota and it just happened to end up in Mandan," said Lt. Pat Haug, Mandan Police Department Public Information Officer.

Laura Fitzgerald says her son, Elias Fitzgerald an avid hunter, took a photo of guns before a recent hunting trip. That photo was then copied and a new caption added that threatened MHS. The original threat was against monticello high school in Virginia.

"That's the challenge that a lot of schools face is with social media. How do you take a lot of these snapchats, instagram messages, things of those types and nature that come into play, and how do they affect the schools," said Mark Andresen, Mandan High School Principal.

Albemarle County Police Department in Virginia say that the individual believed to have edited and posted the photo has since been arrested, but the photo continues to circulate online. It was seen as a threat against Moorehead High School, and it caused Mandan High School Students to shelter in place.

"I suggest that if parents or people they see these kinda things within these various social media outlets, and it appears to be a threat of some sort to report it so we can at least look into it," said Haug.

After about an hour and a half the lockdown was lifted.

The suspect's identity is being withheld because the suspect is a minor. The crime is punishable by one to 10 years in jail.