MHA Nation assisting 4 Bears employees during casino closure

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The MHA Nation made the decision to close the 4Bears Casino and Lodge to mitigate the chances of contracting and passing the coronavirus.

Doors to the casino were closed indefinitely March 20.

Revenue from the casino makes up a large part of Tribal economy and western North Dakota's economy.

The casino employs more than 400 employees.

Tribal leaders say they were all given an extra 40 hours of pay, in addition to using sick and leave time, and loan forgiveness.

Tribal Chairman Mark Fox says the decision reflects the tribes dedication to reducing the impact of COVID-19 on the tribe.

“Well there are impacts to the tribe obviously, the revenue that is provided that we use for important projects, the jobs, simply people having jobs and taking care of their families is very important, but we also play a bigger economic role within the whole state. Our tribe has got a very critical and crucial economic role,” Fox said.

Fox said the casino pays roughly 40 million a year to non-tribal vendors as well as $15 million a year in payroll to both tribal and non-tribal employees.