UPDATE: Some MDU customers to have power restored Wednesday

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BISMARCK, N.D. - UPDATE: 12/28 8:11 p.m. Power in Artas Eureka, Hillsview. Hosmer, Fullerton, Monango, Napoleon, Hazelton, Braddock and Kintyre has been restored.

UPDATE: 12/28 4:15 p.m. MDU continues to make repairs to service lines throughout areas impacted by last weekend’s blizzard, and says they will keep working until all power is restored.

Weather conditions – most significantly the heavy coating of ice on the lines – is slowing down progress, and in some cases the heavier-than-normal lines are breaking off as soon as they are repaired.

MDU says they expect Napoleon, Hazelton, Braddock and Kintyre to be back on Wednseday if the wind doesn’t create more problems.

Eureka should be on Wednesday once a frozen switch is opened, and Hillsview will come on when Eureka does. Power should be restored in Fullerton and Monango Wednesday as well.

Artas may be on Wednesday, pending results of a line patrol between Herreid and Hague. They are also waiting on patrol information for Hosmer.

Because of extensive damage it will be several days before service can be restored to Zeeland, Hoven, Tolstoy, Burnstad and Onaka.

MDU says they will continue to post updates to their Facebook page.

ORIGINAL STORY: 12/27 - Montana Dakota Utilities has been undergoing significant problems dealing with the most recent blizzard. More than 3,000 customers are without electricity, but MDU employees are working hard to get the power back on for their customers.

MDU says they appreciate all the help they've been getting so they can get out to customers who don't have any power.

Farmers, highway patrol and state and county road crews have been lending a huge hand to MDU crews.

"The blizzard knocked out over 50 poles and caused other significant damage to other parts of our systems. In many cases we were able to reroute power to keep costumers on, but in some places the damage was just to severe. In those areas we've had crews out working since the power went down and as soon as the roads opened we brought in reinforcements and those teams will keep working until all the power is back on,” said Tony Spilde, MDU's senior public relations representative.

Spilde says to keep checking on the MDU Facebook page for updates on the power outages.

The following is the updated list of towns that will have power restored by Tuesday or Wednesday: