MDEC Winter Conference for ND teachers

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MINOT, N.D. - Students may have today off from school, but some North Dakota teachers used today as a learning experience. That's thanks to the Mid Dakota Education Cooperative.

What better way to learn than through laughter.

Tom Cody, keynote speaker in the Mid Dakota Education Cooperatives winter conference, says that every day, you have a choice to make.

"I have a choice all the time, how I want to respond in traffic, in a snow storm. It's my day. It's not your day, it's my day," said Cody.

Pre-K to 12th grade teachers spend their days helping students improve their test scores.

Cody says that educators need to stop focusing on scores and consider their students' in-class experiences.

"I swore that if I ever got a microphone in my hands, it was gong to be funny, engaging. I was going to be humble and tell my silly stories about myself. We have to quit teaching teachers here and start getting them right here. We have to go for the heart and the heart knows laughter and engagement," said Cody.

But that doesn't mean teachers have to be happy all the time, just like everyone else, life can get in the way.

"Everybody has a brain and everyone's making decisions all day," said Cody.

Helping North Dakota teachers create the best classrooms in the country.