MAFB offers positive impact on Minot

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MINOT, N.D. - Minot Air Force Base has a huge impact on the city of Minot.

The military brings roughly 12,000 people from all across the country to the area.

On Thursday, the Minot Area Chamber of Commerce Military Affairs Committee came together with members from the base to recognize the economic impact the base brings to the city.

In 2017, the base recorded 5,551 military members, 5,584 military family members and 1,060 civilian employees, reaching a total of 12,195 additional people in Minot. Of that total, 7,694 individuals live off base, residing here in the city of Minot.

"Minot Air Force Base supported the economic impact to the city of Minot was just over half a billion dollars total and it stayed pretty consistent over the years. It fluctuated up and down over the last few years but population has grown some. Some of the contracts we do with construction has gone down some but fairly consistent support over the years," said Maj. Douglas Bauer, 5th Comptroller Squadron.

Minot Community members, as well as members from the air force base, say they want to make sure the relationship between them stays positive, as it has for many years.

"We want to make sure that if there is something that we can do to help the airmen and the families out at the base, that we're able to provide that," said Mark Jantzer, Task Force 21 Chairman.

An economic impact analysis is conducted each year to address the positive relationship between the City of Minot and the Minot Air Force Base.