Lyft rolls into Minot impacting the Magic City

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Minot, N.D. - Having a night out on the town, can't or don't want to drive to work, well now there's another option besides getting a taxi: Lyft.

But, the ride share app has already impacted the community in both positive and negative ways.

The word is out and it's all true. The ride sharing app, Lyft, is in Minot.

The new transportation option really has the community talking.

For drivers the word on their mind: money.

"My wife and I both have good jobs but this helps pay for vacations things like that for us. So, that's nice," said Tim Ward, Lyft driver.

But not everyone is happy about the new option.

"The state legislation has allowed them into North Dakota but with not thought of how it's going to impact local companies. We are a local business, we keep everything local, where Lyft or Uber are not," said Chris Braun, Central Cab general manager.

Local cab companies have seen a 20 percent decline in income since Lyft's arrival.

"It'll be a service that a lot of people can utilize. But, also think that it's a service that a lot of people may never utilize as well," says Michael Perdue, Midnight Taxi Driver.

At the center of the issue: the airport.

"Local municipalities, airports, governments, don't have any regulatory authoritative over the transportation next work companies as opposed to taxi cabs where the city actually licenses the cabs that operate here in Minot," said Rick Feltner, Minot International Airport director.

For many cab companies it's not about competition, but about what's fair.

"We have to abide by the city ordinances as far as staying on 24/7, having our handicap accessible, we pay a fee yearly to park at the airport...Lyft does not," said Braun.

Though what's best for the safety of the community is also what many Lyft drivers are considering.

"I've used Lyft in other areas and thought this was a great opportunity to help people from trying to drive home at one o'clock in the morning," said Ward.

You can find out more about the application by visiting it's website: and the local public Facebook group: Lyft Minot, ND.