Lt. Gov. Sanford discusses work force for millennials in Bottineau

BOTTINEAU, N.D.- The state's Main Street Initiative brought Lt. Gov. Brent Sanford, R-N.D., to Bottineau Wednesday afternoon.

Sanford spoke with local leaders and business owners about what it will take to help small-town North Dakota grow economically.

Millennials came up as a problem and a solution for the local economy.

The generation is more educated than ever and represent the next work force.

But it's not easy to convince these college grads to take trade jobs and stay in a small community.

“The 21st century workforce is just that. It’s what do you do to attract the millennials. What do you do to keep those eighth graders to twelfth graders. In Bottineau they're talking about some innovative things like having certifications for kids as they’re coming out of the high school,” said Sanford.

The Main Street Initiative has been a staple for the Burgum/Sanford platform and will be a topic of discussion next week when Gov. Doug Burgum, R-N.D., delivers his State of the State Address in Minot.